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attorney, whoo who is prosecuting this case. >> this is surprising to see that happen in this case. and this is shocking to the community as well. and this is important that we treat hims same as any other peern saying at rest prompted a search warrant that led officers to his apartment. where more drugs were found. >> about a quarter ounce of methamphetamine, seven pills of what is expected to be ecstasy and three or four vials of ghb. >> if convicted he could spend eight years four months in prison. today was the first day in seven years without louis at the helm. he's credited with improving grades and scores during his tenure. >> we're shocked and i think shocked is the word that keeps
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coming from everybody in this flikt zrikt. >> really shocked. everybody so shocked. >> this is disappointing because mr. louis wis is quite respected here. >> bail set at 25,000s skpdz he'll be back this froi and will need a public defender before he can enter a plea. >> thank you. >> and schools are stepping up security after police arrested a man for kidnapping a 9-year-old girl friday. there are school officials met to assure them campuses are safe. and this stems from friday's incident. the girl kicked the man and escaped. and police arrested him and say he's likely linked to some other suspicious incidents and
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safety measures are now in face. >> there is a buddy system. and don't play in unattended areas of the playground he faces charnlz including kidnapping and assault. >> and police identified a man shot by police last week out on parole. and was shot after he took off running from the mission district. they say he pulled a tech 9 gun and aimed it at him. and police say he is out on parole. and this sparks protests over the weekend. the police chief will talk to the community tonight about the shooting and protest and we're going to take you you there live at 6:00. >> in hayward, police shot and killed a man they say tried to run them down about 1:00 this
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morning and reese responded to a shooting and talked down a possible expect thanks to witness descriptions. when approaching the man he tried to run over them. the man was killed. >> and community meetings on last night's fire is just getting underway in richmond. the company faces a criminal investigation by the epa and wants to know if chevron dry tried to deceive regulators. just a short time ago, officials spoke about the fire. >> we've identified potential contributing factors such as type of metal in pipe that's failed. second, being protecting people and the environment is a core value. we are taking all appropriate actions to address issues to prevent a similar recurrence
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from happening again. and the third that we're continuing to operate with the investigation agency. >> and there is governor jerry brown signed several bills into law including three addressing a deadly pipeline explosion from two years ago. the bills sponsored from assemblyman jerry hill saying they put the public utilities commission on notice they must improve overnight. first requires utilities commissioned to adopt safety regulations. and other two give more power regulate bonuses at utility companies. >> hundreds of workers rallied for bill of rights today outside of the state capitol. housekeepers and nannies delivered a petition with 25,000 signatures and urging them thoim sign a measure
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providing them with basics such as overtime and meal breaks this makes it so all domestic workers if you're caring for elderly or peoples' children they're able to have the rights you that need. >> governor brown has 10 days to sign that legislation or let it die. >> and one of the bills signed allows californians to register to vote on election day. abc 7 news joins us to talk about the taus of that as well as terms. >> supporters of same day registration say this will improve democracy. california has among lowest voter registration and participation rates in the country. >> that means is that our election system isn't accurately capturing the
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opinions and minds of voters so we're not making best decision that's we could be. >> and saying it's a sacred right of every citizen, the governor signed a bill allowing californians to register to vote up to, and including election day with realtime verification through a yet to be built data base. the current deadline is 15 days before an election. if voters can't be verified on the spot they'd allowed to cast a provisional ballot. california common sauce says could boost role rols by 8%. >> and there are thousands of people who miss the deadline or show up only to find there has been a problem. >> last week california launched a system allowing voters to register online. and there is a governor brown
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lobbed other states,. >> republicans oppose the voter bills concerned about security. >> i'm concerned about voter fraud and i think it openses up fosibilities will come in and gain the system. people weel have mompeople moating multiple times. >> saying there is no evidence of wide spread fraud in the other states with a similar same day registration policy. this system won't be in place until 2014 or 2015 so for this election, there is a deadline that still applies. >> and coming up peanut butter lovers, warning a salmonella recall is expanding. >> u.s. cities where you'll pay the most to use your atm. there is one here in the bay area. >> and there is beach weather
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coming. i'll let you know when temperatures will soar along the coast coming up. >> and there are tweak that's could inspire a movie made by a high tech giant. the news continues in one minute.
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neighbors in chico more relaxed after some people put a stop from a visit from this 300 pound adult black bear this morning. it ended up in a elderly man's garage. officers tranquilized this bear then returned it to the foot hills outside chico. homeless community met its deadline from moving out but if history is an indicator it
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won't be for long, caltrans gave people until 8:00 to leave and now saying it's giving the homeless a few more days. and one resident told us it's a tight knit community. cal transsays it's looking for a solution for this spot. >> twitter co-founder trying to capture inspiration, then tweet about it. and and so take a look this is one picture that was sent today to the bids and here is nornl one, check out this one. this is abc 7 shows us what it is all about. >> if art is in the eye of the beholder, maybe the same needs to be true for inspiration. in san francisco today. >> this is an awesome
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opportunity. >> there is a man in a booth tweeting. does he look familiar? >> and yes z tweeting with a purpose of inspiring other people to take photo that's will inspire him to make a movie. >> there is something going on. there is something simple as a man walking through a city. >> in another time and place we might call this street theater. and the man is none other than biz stone. the co-founder of twitter and a rock star among those in the know. >> this is rolling stones i don't know. and nirvana. >> and they're asked them to make and direct 10 short movie was the aid of ron howard from
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pictures tweeted to him including maybe one of these. >> and i want to create something relevant and meaningful. and l is something people can feel good about. >> in 1902 rodan gave us the thinker, now we have the tweeter. >> biz stone? i'll look it up on the internet. >> and that is pretty cool. you can inspire by tweeting your pictures and we have more details on the project on abc 7 >> and that is latino students made up the majority of the people taking the california. 36% said they're of latino heritage compared to white test takers and asian
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americans and african americans about 7%. nearly half also said english was not exclusively their first language. >> new york city is expanding it's program of offering so called morning after pill. 13 schools are now participating in this program called catch. and parents were notified and given a chance to opt out. some say it's a bad idea others argue did it not encourage teen pregnancy but prevents it. >> governor brown signed legislation to increase detection of breast cancer, one measure ensures younger women will have betser access to mammograms eliminating guidelines that base it on a womans age another increases testing options for women with dense breast tissue. it can be hard to distinguish.
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and the legislation he signed will go into affect next year. >> they say the best things in life are free. and that is what they say its not true when coming to your checking accounts. >> there is free checking getting expensive, "wall street journal" reporting so called free checking is more expensive, customers must keep a balance of $723 in their account that is 23% mer than last year and average monthly fee rose 25% to about $5:48 that. is not the only place where they're paying more. bank says atm charges rose 4% and charged for using another bank's machine.
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now here are the cities where it costs most to use an atm. denver is the most expensive. there ka sa charge of $2.80 and there is san francisco, and houston, tied. >> and peanut butter recall is expanding. sunland inc recalling 76 types of peanut and almond but yefrs and among items are the peanut butter sold under archer farms brands. and there are multiple brand names and there is 29 illnesses and n.18 states to sunland manufacturing and packages trader joe's product. none of the products have been linked to illness but were manufactured with the same
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equipment that used trader joe's product. >> say it ain't so. there is a bacon shortage on the way. there is a droulgt in mid west caused feed prices to soar so in months bacon expected to be in short sfli and prices will skyrocket. >> good to know. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and you may have notice that had our dan ashley is not at the anchor desk. dan is hosting his charity government tournament in the east bay. there is supporting an organization sending young people to summer camp. >> there is an important aspect that every skid anonymous so the counselors don't know and every kid just
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gets to be a kid. >> if you would like to support dan and friends all have you to do is head to abc 7 and you'll find a link to connect you. >> that is a terrific group. >> abc 7 is about to make shun 49 thoi richer, for october 18th game, we're giving away $49,000. and if you like us on facebook. just click on our page and that is 7 news, we'll announce on october 18th right after the san francisco 49ers take on seattle seahawks and that is all right here. >> employees not eligible. >> none of us rb winning that money. >> and there is one click, doesn't take a lot. >> yes. >> i'm going to tell when you weather is going warm up so
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you can make plans to head to the beach. there is a marine layer there around 1500 feet deep. and temperatures from one to seven degrees cooler there is towards mount diablo. you can see sunny skies inland. highs managed to get into mid to upper 80s this afternoon. there is fog cozying up to the coast. there is temperatures now 55 half moon bay. there is 80s showing up and there is a a bit cooler
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wednesday and there is tomorrow morning you'll probably want to bundle up, we'll start out with areas of fog along the coast and over the bay. so a cool start to the morning. there is what is coming in the afternoon heading into wednesday wednesday there is a weak trough and there is marine layer will move locally inland as a result. the fog will pull back. highs from 60s and 50s as well to 80s inland. there is highs in the south bay. and upper 70s an jose. there is going to be a mild afternoon there is 75 in
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redwood city. 61 half moon bay. downtown san francisco there is 64 degrees numbers will bounce back later in the week. you're going to see a wide range 60s near the coast. 91 in yu kaia. there is 78 in vallejo. 70s in oakland there is hayward, 72. inland a nice warm afternoon. there is walnut creek, mid-80s, monterey bay, 73 in santa cruz there is 67 in watsonville. accu-weather forecast there is temperatures coming down just a couple degrees on wednesday. there is a ridge and a warmer pattern taking us throughout the weekend.
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and there is low 70s friday, saturday, sunday. those are the days to head to the beach. >> yes. >> and there is low 90s inland. >> and there is good timing on that warm up. >> still head tweet rihanna sent to
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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this is forest view and live oak drive. all police activity is now focused to find a man considered armed and dangerous, described as while the with tattoos on arms. this led to a lock down that has now been lifted as police concentrate their efforts in this area right now.
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and we'll continue to follow this for you. >> and r & b singer chris introun waisting to learn his fate after hearing in a los angeles courtroom today a judge ordered a further review to see whether he violated terms of probation in the 2009 battery of his then girlfriend rihannan support rihanna wished brown good luck tweeting him before court began. lawyers say the singer served 1400 hours of court-ordered community service. >> and abc news obtained secret recordings made by john f kennedy and it's a rare chance to heart president as he grappled with decisions including nuclear war with russia. world news has a look at these recordings and an interview with caroline kennedy. you can watch it tonight and tomorrow right after this this newscast. >> looking forward to that. >> giants fever sweeping bay
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area, again. >> up next, how those without season tickets can still g
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following breaking news we've just learned ples have caught their suspect, and they were searching for him, he was the reason why several schools were shut down but police say he's in custody. we'll have that coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 as well as a police lab worker going to court. tonight how her case changed the way drug investigations are pursued. that and more coming up at 6:00. >> and right now sh giants tickets for playoffs going mighty fast and there is champs guaranteed at least one home game. >> and there is team expects to have 6,000 or 7,000 tickets remaining for anyone signing up online. exciting times. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see yout

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